Magnet Care Instructions

Care Instructions
Magnets are extremely pliable and susceptible to bending or wrinkling. Place them on a refrigerator door or filing cabinet for at least 24 hours to return them to their original flat shape. Do not attach them to your car doors until it becomes totally flat.

Before Attaching Your Flexible Magnetic Sign:

1. Place your magnets on a refrigerator door for at least 24 hours to flatten and re-magnetize them.
2. Be sure all surface paints, clear coats and waxes are cured or hardened. Car paint takes a minimum of 90 days to cure; clear coat a minimum of 60 days.
3. The vehicle should be clean and dry before attaching the sign.
4. For maximum adherence, the magnetic material must make direct contact with a metal surface. Any body panel that is made of plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber, etc., will not work with magnetic signs.
5. Make sure the area to which you apply your magnet is completely-flat. Placing a magnetic sign over a curve, crease, bump, or trim piece on the body of the vehicle could create an air pocket, causing the magnet to fly off the vehicle.
6. Placing a magnetic sign over any portion of a vehicle that is already covered with another material (Bondo putty, vinyl car wraps, etc.), is not recommended as the magnet will not make direct contact with metal.

Using Your Flexible Magnetic Sign:

1. Do not use on any surface in which the temperature exceeds 150°F.
2. Long-term use on surfaces exposed to sunlight can result in uneven fading of the surface because the area under the magnetic sign is shielded from ultraviolet sun rays.
3. High winds, turbulence, and vehicles passing at high speeds while driving can cause the sign to blow off.

Storing Your Flexible Magnetic Sign:

1. When not in use, keep in a clean, dry place.
2. Do not store in the trunk or on the seats of your car as temperatures can easily exceed 150°F.
3. Store the sign flat. It should be kept completely flat on a level, smooth surface.
4. Do not place objects on top of the sign which can damage the face.
5. Do not stack two signs with the magnetic material facing each other.

Daily Cleaning of Your Flexible Magnetic Sign:

1. To guard against dirt buildup, you should remove the sign daily from your vehicle to inspect and clean.
2. At least once a week, the sign need to be pulled, cleaned/inspected, twice a week if it rains.