Event & Promotional Products


Promotional Products are a great investment in getting your brand in front of your growing audience.  We like to put the same amount of thought and strategy behind promo items as any other marketing initiative.

Some key questions we will ask and you should consider when investing in branded material:

1.  Who is your target audience?  What kind of item would interest them and what would they like and keep?  Are you marketing for a trade show event?  You will want to keep the item price point low.  Or are you giving your items out as customer gifts?  You may want to spring for a higher price point.

2.  What is your goal or objective?  Each time you order products, there’s an underlying objective… otherwise you wouldn’t be spending the money! Some common goals for promo products for branded merchandise include:

  • increasing brand awareness through visibility
  • attracting visitors to your trade show booth
  • rewarding employees for their accomplishments
  • thanking customers or clients
  • elevating the perception of your company’s brand

We take the time to help you identify your promotional product goals so that you are able to select the items that will help you achieve it!

3. What is your budget?  As promotional product consultants, we work within a wide variety of budgets and can select high-impact products that meet your price point.  But you need to have that in mind- what is the most you are willing to spend on your campaign?  Is a ‘per item’ budget more important to you $1.00/item  or $25/item  or is the total spending more important?  $250-$500, $500- $1,000, $1,000-$1,500?

4. How many items will you need to order?  When thinking about the quantity, here are some things to consider:

  • Some products will have minimum quantities you can order
  • Shipping costs will increase your order total
  • You may lose some products to employees or to people taking more than the allotted number, so if you’re ordering for a specific event, buy more than the estimated number of attendees.
  • If you order too many of a dated product (seasonal or has the event date stamped on it), you could end up with leftovers that no one wants to use or give away.

5. What is your company’s style?  Every company has a style, a tone, an image– what’s yours?   Are you professional and traditional?  Modern, fun, and fresh?  Sustainable, green, and eco-friendly?  Creative and eccentric?   Knowing this will help us find the right promotional item to represent your brand.  We care that your item to reflect the message you’re trying to send out about your business.

6. What should your product look like?  We take your logo into consideration when designing your ideal promotional product.

  • Color:  Is the product you want available in your brand colors – or would black/white/gray make more sense.
  • Imprint area: Will the product be big enough for your logo, tagline, website to fit properly.
  • Decoration Type:  Imprinted, HTV, embossed, embroidered    The type of decoration potentially will affect the design
  • Quality:  Is the material high quality enough.

Before ordering any promotional products for your business, ask yourself these six key questions. You’ll find yourself with better, more effective products that your recipients will love.