Q: What is the best file type to send for printing?

A: A vector file (.pdf or .eps) is our preferred file format. We also accept high-resolution 300dpi .jpg, .ai, and .png. If you don’t have any of those, we encourage you to reach out to your graphic designer to avoid being charged any art re-creation fees.

Q: I do not have a high-res image to send. What now?

A: We will try our best to work with what you send us, using our resources to make your sign the best as possible– but your image may still appear pixelated depending on the size you want to print and the viewing distance. We DO offer re-creation and vector services which is a good idea to do so that you will have your file on-hand in high-resolution for ANY future print jobs!

Q: How do I send you my file?

A: Please email your files to signsasap.sv@gmail.com. We also have Google Drive and Dropbox. You may also also text images to our SMS line: (843) 640-5975‬. We try to make it easy for our customers— send it whichever way is more convenient for you! 🙂